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goalCampaign Goal


  • BulletRe-educate the public about what we do

  • BulletSpread the good news of financial advice using the following


Professionally produced client testimonials in short format; including filmed clients, animated videos, and chalkboard videos. The format will be for real stories to be told in a short and engaging manner with a variety of types of advice being covered. View Sample Videos



Sometimes humour can get a message across really well. And sometimes cartoons can be very touching. This format can also tell our clients what we do, in an interesting way, with only a very short message being needed. View Sample Cartoons



We have a panel of planners and other industry participants ready to write short blogs that help our clients understand our passion and what we can do to help them the most. View Sample Blogs



We intend to run short podcasts that involve interviewing our clients about how planning has changed their lives and the results they have achieved. We will also interview planners about what they love about providing financial advice, and "why" they do it. We need people to hear the great things we do for our clients so everyone knows getting advice is worth the effort.



Where do we start? So much knowledge, so many stories, so much good news. Articles can focus on many things about planning, including the pro bono and volunteer work many planners do and how we contribute to society. We can also cover off educational issues such as how to find a good financial planner, and dozens of financial literacy topics.. View Sample Articles


Social Media

We will use Social Media to share a lot of our messages. We want profession participants from all areas of advice to share a snippet of the good things they have done. We want to balance the perception of planning with some positivity via all forms of social media story telling and sharing.

WarningThis Campaign will not have any institutional or association branding. It's for all financial advisers.

Two PeopleWho Is Behind The Campaign?


Melinda Houghton, a Melbourne planner, started the idea and now

Positivity for Planners is driven by a small team of passionate financial advisers.

Committee Members

  • Melinda Houghton
    Melinda Houghton Houghton Strategic Solutions
  • Daryl La’Brooy
    Daryl La’Brooy Hillross
  • James Fredric
    James Fredric What’s Your Plan?
  • Meike Suggars
    Meike Suggars Suggars and Associates
  • Nick Tunbridge Topp Tunbridge Financial Advisers
  • Tarik Oguz Houghton Strategic Solutions


  • Rachel Staggs SRS Coaching and Consulting
  • Nettie Handley Complete Risk Analysis
  • Baz Gardner The Social Adviser
  • Nikhil (Nik) Sreedar Pro-Adviser Website
  • Harvey James Enterprise Coach
  • Lauren Topp Topp Tunbridge Financial Advisers
  • James Sutherland My Online Adviser
  • Hari Maragos Victoria Wealth Management Pty Ltd
  • Lachlan Hall SBP Creative Media
  • Sue Viskovic Elixir Consulting
  • Alisdair Barr Grad Mentor
  • Peter Sobels riskinfo
  • Aleks Vickovich ifa independent financial adviser
  • Andy Marshall Zurich
  • Christopher Zinn Adviser Ratings
  • Andrew Conn Parkworth Financial Solutions
  • Brett Shoemark Capital Advice Partners
  • Shaun Craven Bell Craven Financial Services
  • Stephen Catania Assured Financial Partners
  • Keith Peel - Author – It’s not about the money
  • Peita Diamantidis DeltaPlan Holdings Group
  • Ross Cardillo Ross Cardillo Financial Services
  • Peter Angel Ballarat Wealth

HeartWe Need Your Help

To run this campaign effectively we need at least $100,000.00

  • Financial Planners
  • Funding Goal
  • Funded
  • Supporters

Fund raising will be through - a crowd-funding platform.

  • WarningYou will only be pledging the funds. No money will be taken from your account unless the funding goal is reached.
  • WarningEvery dollar counts. Even $50 will help!
  • WarningCheck out the rewards for pledging on the Pozible page.

Click here for more information on how crowd-funding works.

MegaphoneSpread The Word


  • NetworkSpread the word via conversations, email and social media.
  • Chat BubbleTalk to your team , dealer group, professional associations, your business development managers, your product providers. Ask them to donate and spread the word further.

PreserveHow Funds Will Be Used?

Once the funds have been raised, a professionally co-ordinated public campaign will be developed and launched Australia wide.

There will be a formal incorporated association formed, in order to ensure transparency of the use of funds, with all relevant record-keeping requirements that are associated with that structure. Having a formalized committee structure means no one person will have control of funds or creative decisions, reducing the risks of any poor decisions being made.

The funds are expected to be allocated as follows:

  • Bullet30% to pay for a Project Manager (committee appointed and accountable) to ensure professional campaign preparation, co-ordinate preparation and release of material, record reach and results, and manage volunteer activities.
  • Bullet30% to pay for professional creative content development i.e. videos, blogs, cartoons, podcasts, animations, infographics, articles and memes.
  • Bullet30% to pay for airtime for the content to be released on forums such as Linked In ads, Facebook ads, internet banners, podcast hosting, website hosting.
  • Bullet10% to pay for the production of supporters certificates and framing, crowdfunding fees, flyers, postage, and pay for administrative costs of running an incorporated association including registration fees, bank fees and accounting/audit costs, a dedicated phone line for the campaign, and lead distribution (if applicable).

HeartWhat Your Counterparts Are Saying


For question and more information please contact:
Melinda Houghton
1300 78 75 79
Daryl La'Brooy
1300 558 783

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